I-1B Series Underflow Pump(Screw Pump)
Flow Rate Range:1.5-24m3/h
Head Range: 0-120m
Operation Temperature: -20℃-120℃
Matched Power: 1.1-15KW
Working Pressure: ≤2.5MPa
Flow-through Material: Cast Iron, Stainless Steel
Model Meaning

I-1B type screw stem pump is a kind of helical rotor type transportation pump. The Main working parts are the screw stem of eccentric helicoids and the screw stem muff (Also named stator) whose inner surface is doublet spiral surface. The working principle is: when the pump axis is driven by the motor, the screw stem is circumvolving by its own axis, also it is circumvolving by the inner surface of the muff, thus to form the seal vessel of the pump. Each circuit it circumvolved, the liquid in the sealing cavity is pushing forward by a pitch. As the screw stem is driving constantly, the liquid is pushed from one sealing cavity to another sealing cavity in the form of helix, and finally pushed out to the pump.

The screw stem pump is a kind of new machine used to transport liquid. It has the characters of simple structure, reliable function, easy repair and maintenance, constant and even liquid output, and stable pressure. The component contacts the medium of the underflow pump made by our company are using the excellent acid resistant stainless steel material. The muff canister is using the rubber with no flavor and no toxin, the working temperature can reach to 120℃, is used to transport the food liquid and material and the corrosive solution containing solid grain and has the viscosity of 10000psk. It can be widely used in industrial department such as food, metallurgy, chemistry, printing and dyeing, papermaking and chinaware.

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