XBD-ALG fire pump is mainly used for the pressurization and water supply of the fire system.It's also applicable for industrial and urban water supply and drainage,pressurization and water supply for higy-rise,long-distance water supply,pressurization of cold and hot water circulation for heating,bathroom and boiler ,water supply of air-conditioning refrigeration system,fittings for equipment and so on.

This pump adopts the advanced waterpower model,and combines modern and excellent design.which makes its Performance reach the centrifugal pump standard“GB/T13007-1991”.

This type of pumps is developed to cater for the water supply and discharge in high-rise constructions according 10 National Fire Bureau GB6245.1 998 standard for fire pumps,which are provided with advanced hydraulic model to feature high efficiency,energy conservation,wide range of performance and so on.

Fully conforming to the requirements of fire control regulations and the fire demand conditions of National Fire Bureau.The relative position of inlet and outlet may be adjusted to four directions.They lake the advantages of dependable performance,smooth operation,long service life and detachable structure easy maintenance.

Vertical pipeline structure,with inlet and outlet located on the Same horizontal line feature easy operation,fast installation and dependable performance.It is used for domestic and fire water supply In high-rise buildings,and is provided with stainless steel casing to feature great elegance and practicality.

A latest development of variable flow constant pressure pump designed and manufactured 10 international Gb6245-1998 Performance Requirements and Tests Methods for Fire Pumps.it is a complete solution to the problem of overpressure under small flow and failure of water supply under large flow in the fire control occasions in the past,which has greatly improved the working efficiency of fire control.

Compact structure of integrated motor and pump,and simplified intermediate structure to increase operational stability and dependability,and long service life.If provided with an IP54 outdoor motor,it can be used outdoors with no need of a pump room.

This Series multistage centrifugal pumps are featured by horizontal,Single suction multistage and Segmental Structure,outstanding performance parameters and technical index,high efficiency,low noise,sound anti-cavitation capacity,reasonable Structure,long Service life etc.

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