ALG vertical piping centrifugal pumps are used to handle clean water and other liquids similar to clean water in physical and chemical properties. They are suitable for cold and hot water cyclic pressurization and equipment matching in the fields of industrial and urban water supply and discharge, pressurized water supply in high-rise constructions, garden irrigation

It is applicable to water supply and drainage for industry and city pressure increasing water supply for high building ,garden irrigation, pressure increasing for fire fighting, long distance transportation, heating and cooling circulation, cold and warm water circulation pressure increasing and matching equipment

Senior level construction pressure boosting,Factory system transportation ,The systematic pressurization,The central air-condition cold cycle of hot water, Boiler system transportation,Swimming pool water supply ,The cycle of pressure boosting in processing

       SG series normal pipe pump is applicable to pressure increasing water supply for high buildings, spraying irrigation for the gardens, water supply for cooling tower, long distance water transportation, cold and hot water circulation pressure increasing for air condition, refrigeration and bathroom.

Model PBG shielding type pipeline pump normal type is used to transport clear water and chemical/physical property liquid that is similar with clear water.

It is suitable for city environment protection, buildings, fire fighting, chemical industry, pharmacy, coloring matter, printing and dyeing, brewing, power generation, plating, papermaking, industrial and mineral washing, equipment cooling and so on.

ALOW series single-stage double-suction split volute centrifugal pump is used for liquid transportation for water works, air-conditioning circulation, building, irrigation, drainage pump station, electric power station, industrial water supply system, firefighting system, shipbuilding and so no.

Compact structure,elegant profile,smooth running and low noise,This series of pumps are applicable for factories,mines,urban water supply and drainage,power stations,farmland irrigation and drainage,and other water conservancy projects.

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