To ensure customers can use Aoli products without any after-sale worries, the customer service center headquartered in Shanghai and our worldwide network of customer service center provides 24-hour follow-up service.24-hour Customer Service Hotline of Headquarters:+86-021-69172008、69172009

Customer Service Philosophy of Aoli:

·"User is always God" is the core of Aoli's customer service by giving priority to users so that we solve problems first but analyze liabilities for accidents afterwards.

·"Save every cent for customers" is the content of our customer service by reducing the service and maintenance costs of customers as much as possible while providing careful and high-quality service.

·"Quick and effective service" is the orientation of Aoli's customer service by streamlining the service flow to reach the service site Instantly。

·“"Best service satisfaction" is always the objective of Aoli's customer service by setting up a customer team made up of senior technicians rich in practical experience to ensure the safety and reliability of equipment.

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