Aoli Group Implemented "5S" Management Approach Aggressively

At the end of 2012 the group corporation implemented "5S" Management Approach all around. General Manager Li pointed out that it's necessary to build brand values of the enterprise itself to gain enduring victories in the increasingly intense market competition. That required strict control over the company's field management and product quality. According to requirements by General Manager Li, the company carried out large-scale events for safety, "5S" field management and quality improvements vigorously.
Within one month only, noticeable improvements were made in the entire production field: clean floors of workshops, neat arrangements of items, uniform clothing of workers and pervasive concepts of safety. "5S" is a basic management issue. Only such a basic issue is addressed well, strictly and effectively and a long-acting mechanism is established to avoid temporary passion can it be possible to improve product quality of Aoli Group, shape its corporate image, reduce costs, ensure timely delivery and safe production, create a clean and civilized working environment and make its highly standardized and rapid development.

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